Dec 26, 2007


Went to IKEA yesterday with my dear ofie to buy wed present for budin n getho. Wow!!!! Rambang mata you! I juz read Ikea's catalogue for 2008 and decided to buy some of these item when I got my credit card. Unfortunately...bcoz of my payslip problem...I could not apply yet. Huh...1 month punye payslip pn x dpt buka...mende arr!!!!! So... these are the ikeanise to buy:

1. Solsta 2 seat-sofa-bed
2. Lerberg Shelf Unit
3. Aneboda wardrobe
4. Dudero Floor Lamp

Actually when I asked my mother for her opinion..she juz said "what?" R u planning to stay permanently there ( meaning : ko nk menetap kt Kl ke?) I dunno what to answer. Hahahahah.



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