Dec 21, 2007

Nothing Much

Nothing much to blog. But working after raya aidiladha holiday is good. Why?Many people continue their holiday today...the comuter less crowded...the's so peaceful in my office until my boss came?He's not taking his leave?Oh my god. My day started to become worse. Why he's not on leave? Oh..Dear. Nothing much to blog...

Will be very bz on this weekend. Hang out wif my frenz this saturday and next saturday. Company Tifa to buy some 'hantaran' gifts for her hubby next saturday. Asked her to be my mak andam on that night. Will be going to budin's wed. hav to be grand and elegant...huhuhuh... want to beat someone. Praying Mantis boleh!!!! Hohohoh...gtg...buhbye..



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