Dec 31, 2007

2008 - Year of Bored

Happy New Year to all!!!!May this 2008 bring u lots of happiness n joy. But my 2008 will be the bored year. Why I'm saying like that b'coz my 2008 started with sad thing...1) Hav to go to work on my own (mira had quit his job) walking alone in the tren n lrt look like stupid... no one to chit chat with. HUH!!!! 2) Most probably ofi will cont his study in BMI. Tasha remind me earlier that the BMI schedule is very tight. Lots of assignmnt even though on the 1st week of classes. So she advice me to go out for a date in a right time. Wow? So this mean less time with my ofi? how sad. Anyway thanks to tasha for advising me (mcm tau2 je ko aku nk p kuar dating?). Maybe she had experience this kind of things.

But, I still hope this new 2008 year will bring some kind of excitement n pleasure. Pray hard for it! To all who celebrate the countdown tonite...hav fun!!!tgkkan fireworks utk aku skali ye!!!



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