Jan 18, 2008


I'm very confuse lately...Think hard 4 my future. Now I hav 3 option in my life :-

  • Cont. my career here with E****
  • Work in Sabah Govt
  • Further my study in City U

Well..guys..its hard 4 me. I went for a 2-days training in E*****. The elder (i mean the senior) advise me not to be a career woman. Due to their expeerience...hard to take care of the family. Wheeewww...Some more...they said what a waste i'm joining the PM. Its not my speacialist. Well...what to do?Some offer me a job in Axa-Affin as underwriter. Wow!!! Another ask me to be a tutor. This bring back my confuseness (do these word exists in the dictionary?).

Anyway...I learn much from the senior. Wow!!!They r really expert in what they do. Their experience are superb. After finish the training...I went to KLCC alone...Survey some items...and wallaaa.....bought something nice for myself.I shop like crazy even though its not pay day yet. hahaha..things that i bought

  1. Revlon Gold Digger eye shadow liquid
  2. Shirt
  3. Blouse
  4. Another shirt (haha...all from Romp)

I think Romp is in my list of fav brand now. Can't hardly wait for more fashion update from them. 4get to tell u that i hav a new housemate...seha. She's a lovely girl...so pretty...I like her. How I wish I am as pretty as her. Okla...Chow...



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