Jan 6, 2008

The Truth About Heart of A Men

  1. Men look tough but actually their heart is not as tough as you see
  2. Once broken, it will never ever mend or fix or recover till the rest of their life
  3. It' s the most biggest impact in their whole life
  4. It will never recover, but they still can give happiness to other women
  5. He will never ever forget and will be a mark. (something like scar la)

To the girls out there, what to do?Here some tips for u:

  1. Share your heart (because he does not hav one rite?)
  2. Trust and believe him
  3. Loves him
  4. Know what he wants
  5. Take care of his 'heart'
  6. Jealous is good but too much of it can be a poison in ur relationship

Remember, the adam's didn't have a lot of tears but their heart tears a lot and sometimes bleeding. It so sad....so let us give n share our happiness with our love one.



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