Jan 26, 2008

Friendship rules u should use in love

Juz read this article in Cleo Feb Issue. It made me realize that we should treat our man equally. Hohohoho. The article said that even if our best fren can be annoying, there will also be one who doesnt ring for 3 months (ni kena dgn girl n vivi..hohoho), one who forgets our birthday and one who always cancels the outing. But we never take them to task..which means we always forgive them. But would we do the same to our man? Hahahah....biasanye x...if our bf cancelled a date, we will not tolerate with them as we do with our best fren. Why is this happen?I also dunno. 4 me..it is automatically came out from my mind...what excuses is that? this sort of behaviour can afffect our relationship. So we have to treat our bf like we do with our best fren, the chemistry between u n ur bf could be dynamite. Muahahahah...The rules that u must follow:

1-Let him critices u
2-Hav fun together
3-Give him some respect
4-Forgive him

The most important rules for me is forgive n forget. If we can do this to our best fren why we cant do the same thing to our bf?It's simple...bcoz we expect too much from them. poor men...hahahaha. As we know men are useless in taking hints...so the solution (cleo's solution) we have to cool down...oh my....hav to practise all of these...very useful 4 me. That's all for now... will update more on how to make our love relationship brighter n even more nourishing. HOhohooho



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