Jan 9, 2008

I Miss him like crazy!!!

To tell u all the truth, I keep on dreaming of my dear ofi every nite. Semua pn sweet2 dreamz la. Hehehe. Mcm dh angau la. Miss him like crazy. Yesterday...ofi dh register kt BMI... rasa biasa je...but I know I miss him really2 much when I t'tdo kt komuter. Kejap je t'tdo n then t'mimpi psl ofi. Oh, my!!!! Malu beb sb t'kejut n t'bgn. Mesti org dlm tren tu gelakkan aku. Heheh...btw..I'll be going to sabah tommorrow. Hmm....must be a long journey. Hav to sign some agreement on my scholar for previous study. Ok...salam maal hijrah to all



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