Nov 30, 2009

Craving for McD

Whoah!!! 3 posting in a day??Better stop la..Actually I'm really2 bored. Waiting for my other half to come back home (his home la not mine...heheh). Seems my life is not complete without him in the cyber world =p

At the moment..I'm really craving for McD like crazy!!!! there's no mcd restaurant here in sandakan ok! Maybe coz it's too expensive and the turnover might not be that good. While I'm watching tv, the new ad for McD is on air...the new prosperity burger. My fav burger but its for limited time only. usually for chinese new year celebration. Wow!! My craving level has increased to a madness level. Saya mesti mahu!!!! (baca ala2 'saya mesti pilih!!' - bank rakyat)

Saya berharap dpt makan prosperity burger and spicy chicken McDeluxe and big breakfast. Adakah saya tamak??Hmm...must choose 2 out of three..Ayoo!!!!

Para pap pa pa...I'm Lovin' it! Hahahahaha



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