Nov 12, 2009

No pet allowed!

::Siti Nurhaliza - Melawan Kesepian::

Meet our new family putih dan si tompok. Hehehe.

Actually there's a policy in our house which is 'no pet allowed'. but I dunno why suddenly there's a pet here.Ok2..I know actually why. My bro insists to buy the rabbit (si putih) and my dad bought it for him..konon2 supaya dia lbh responsible la bila jaga si putih. Further more at that time, my mum is not around (meeting or outstation mn ntah). So its easy to get/buy something when my mum is not around!Hahahahah!No one can stop my dad. Lagipun my dad mmg baik...dia slalu belikn apa2 klu ktorg minta :P

Long time ago (when I was a lil kid), we hav a lot of cats. But one day, someone in the family got sick..suffering from asthma(sapa la tu kan??). So we hav to say good bye to the cat. The only pet we had over the past year was fish (dah mati pun). Lol. (cam fairy tales la plak)

After my bro bought mum had no problem with him coz he's very manja macam kucing. Kucing pun kalah. Dia x nak masuk dalam kandang pon..nk duk luar je.Heheh. Then they decided to buy another bunny for his partner. Sian dia sorang2. But the bunny died (diorang kata mmg nmpk sakit masa beli..bye2 anggora rabbit. They named her sandra n actually putih's real name is bob. Bob n Sandra are the character from an indonesian sinetron that my parents watched. Ntah apa tajuk dia). Then they bought tompok. Called tompok coz there's a spot on her body la of coz!

Owh yes!!A bonus pic!!6 lil cute kittens outside our house. Ntah kucing liar mn dtg beranak kt umah ni. Cant wait the lil kittens to open their eyes. X sabar nk pegang..dah lama x pegang anak kucing. But make sure to wash hands after touch/play with the cats. Lets play wif me..meowwww!!!



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