Nov 5, 2009

List of Movies

Okla, memandangkan blog ni da lm x update. Here is the list of movies that I really wanted to see but cannot. hahahaha. Maybe will dload later la.

1. Pisau cukur - Ada fazura, I loike!!!
2. Papadom - semua org kata best.
3. Law abiding citizen - barisan pelakon handalan
4. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
5. Where the wild things are
6. Fantastic Mr Fox
7. and the list goes on....

Baru2 ni tgk cite The women kt astro. Meg ryan pelakon dia. Best la cite tu. Cite lama tp br tau ada cite tu. Another gud muvie is The Jane Austen Book Club. Wow!!!!Best gak. I Loike Emily Blunt.



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