May 15, 2010

Make-up Review : Kryolan TV Paint Stick

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This is my fav foundation. Why?Maybe bcoz it has the range of my skin color. I use 3w which is suitable to my skin. Before this I usually use more lighter foundation then I use a darker compact powder so that it blend my skin and look natural but now, no need to do that. This foundation is perfectly fit!!! Very long lasting so you need to wash your face properly or you can use make up remover or just a baby oil like I did. In Malaysia it still hard to find Kryolan outlet, I juz bought it online through these 2 online blog Kryolaninmalaysia and Wannieta D'peterana. But sometimes they don't have ready stock in hand, so you need to wait. Other solutions, you can ask your friend to buy it when they go to oversea ;p

This paint stick is suitable for dry or normal skin because it is a bit oily. Next time I will review about Kryolan supracolor but only when I have start using it. Still havent use it coz sayang sangat2. Very expensive (for me la) but it is so little. One of the famous foundation use by make up artist Indonesia n oversea that makes your skins look like a porcelain dolls. Ala macam siti nurhaliza punya make up kalau dia suruh Indonesian make up artist make up dia. So I will test the product first and tell you the truth. Hohohoho. Btw, I only used kryolan when there's bigger event or function such as wedding or dinner.

Disclaimer: The review is based on my personal opinion. Result may be vary on different types of skin, colour and weather.


-ilyannur- said...

dj,aku pn pnh dgr brand ni.dorg ckp bgs. Nati mau try byk masih mekup2 aku ni.mau tgu abes pn bekurun.cis..

Pink Praying Mantis said...

aku suka sbb nnt nmpk muka mcm halus mulus jak.Pdhal muka ku ni ada lubang2 bekas jerawat.Klu ko tgk2 profile pic ku kn...yg tiba2 ko nmpk kulit ku licin sj tu.pakai kryolan la tu.Heheheh

kryolaninmalaysia said...

hehe.. kak ann in da house!!!

kryolan terbaek!!! caiyokk tuan belog :) jom beli kat akak..


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