Jan 3, 2013

Restaurant Review: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co @The Curve

This is last December. We decided to try the shrimp to test the freshness of the seafood here. Overall, we r satisfied! Fresh mcm seafood kat sabah!!!! Well done!

Alabama sweet smoothie – again, ofi’s fav sbb ada peanut butter


Tower of onion ring!! My fav! recommended!



Bubba’s after the storm bucket of boat trash! Fried shrimp, lobster tail, fries and fish fillet. Recommended too!!!!


I’m stuffed shrimp – serve with rice. To cheesy for me, but ofi love it!



The concept of the restaurant, besides the shrimp of coz, the movie forest gump itself! They even show the movie at the restaurant. Hehehe. 4.5 stars!!



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