Jan 3, 2013

Restaurant Review:New york deli@ OU

Again?????Since it is our fav place to eat, this is my 4th post about newyork newyork deli @ OU. Went to ny deli juz after our wedding to celebrate!! Hahahaha. Actually to be precise it is on 14th of Nov. As usual we ordered meat platters for two…pic below Smile with tongue out


Marshmallow & Hot chocolate!!


Baked mussels with cheese.


Meat platter for two. Sharing is caring!!! Btw, spot the ring Smile



Old entry about NYNY deli :

New york deli again n again

Meat platters for two

My first visit to new york deli

Overall..of coz 5 stars from me!!! (mcm bias lak..)



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