Mar 12, 2008

The Art of French Kissing - Kristen Hammel

Just bought this new novel from MPH@ Bangsar Village (The only store that we can buy something)...hohoho. The other store r really expensive 4 us. I'm not finished read it yet... but what I like about this book is that...i still dont get the end picture. The story is about Emma who juz break off with her fiancee n lost her job n move to Paris to become a PR 4 a famous singer, Guilleme. I tawt Guilleme will be Emma's new luv...but it did turn out like that...Then I tawt Gabe( the journalist) is the Emma's new luv...but I'm not sure b'coz suddenly Sebastian came out. Hoh???So after this mayb there are new character came out... hav 2 wait n see...

What I like about ofi's bathroom? We hav the same toiletries...from scrub, facial wash, shampoo to shower foam. Hahahaha..luv it. Miss my dear ofie very much!!!!



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