Mar 31, 2008

First Nite

Not that kind of nite.Hehehehe. It's our 1st day sleeping in the house after the robbery. Yup, few days merempat at umah ofi. Tp still x dpt tgk ofi without his shirts on (gatal punye pompuan!!). Hehehehe.

Feel very horrified n terrified...all the fied2 things...after the incident. Seha n I sleep in the living room. I always thinking that someone is watching me and in the bathroom..I always look at the ceiling and the light...takut2 ada org psg webcam. Fuhhh...the trauma is still there. I had a nitemare too last nite. Hope this thing will get over soon...

Maybe we should move to another house. But I think Mira will not agree..but i dunno la. Some place that I'm thinking to move are mutiara d'sara, D'sara perdana, Kota D'sara and TTDI. Hohohoho. I will never live in a low cost area ever. WHy???Low cost area make available to the indon,bangla n etc. They are the most suspected crime in this scence. Even though there's no evidence yet...but I think its them. Huahauhauha.

gtg..hav some work to do (pdhal p cari umah kt internet..hehehe)



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