Mar 20, 2008

Home Sabah at last

Wake up early in the morning to catch the 715 flight. Feel sorry to dear ofi, hav to wake up early n sent me to the airport. Poor ofi. Gonna miss him. Arrived sdk at 10am. Then mkn2 mee sup n shopping at servay. Got my ice cream.Hehehe.

The topic in my house now is political issues. Well u can guess that they were watching Bernama TV all the time. time surfing the net n watch windstruck at My sis said that the story My sassy girl is the sequel to this movie. Is it? Then I find out that there's another astro in my parents room. Why i'm not aware of this?I watch my other version of bernama tv also...E! Hahahahaa

What I like the most being in my hometown?I feel great:No bad hair day. My hair is nice n fluffy (???) my skin look nice n younger my body seems to be perfect.LOL. Maybe the weather or the environmnt here rite? Or maybe my pshchology only?Dunno...Ok..chow



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