Mar 6, 2008

Mega Sale is Back!

Oh My!!!! Its Malysia Mega Sale. Went to KLCC with a'ai at lunch break (sempat lagi!!!). Shopping at Isetan. Wow!!!!The item is great n cheap. Bought Radioactive T-shirt with 70% discount and my work shirt with 50% discount from padini. What I like during the mega sale is they always brought out clothes that has my size (XS)..because only these item they can sell in half price. Tak ramai org x ramai org nk beli. Bg la diskaun kn? Hmm...Mcm nak shopping lagi la? But x tau bila?N mcm nak bw someone?BUt he's buzy...mmm....bagus gak.. x la m'boros shopping je kn?Its good for me. Kene b'jimat asyek2 beli baju..

Heard about Streamyx Combo...its a good promotion for people like us who wanted to apply for internet but did not hav a fixed line phone. We took the RM90 - 512Kbps package. I dont know when will the streamyx agent reply back to me. Hmm...but do u know there are other cost?
Installation fee - RM88, Activation Fee - RM77. N then tehy may ask to paid for 2 months advance...overall I calculate...we need to pay RM345 for the initial fee. Whewww...what a price???But after I calculate my usage of celcom broadband + the performance - Streamyx fee, it's worth la....hahaha...bole webcam2 dgn my dear ofi n dload2 movie Blue...wahahahaha... no la...nk tgk korean movie online on



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