Mar 18, 2008

My Happy Weekend

It's my best weekend ever. Maybe b'coz I dont hav to think about work and exam anymore. But actually...I got many works to do. I started my weekend on friday nite when I joined Ofi's family to celebrate his dad's bday. The food was yummy, but too full!!! Then on saturday..even though x kuar dgn ofi...I went out for makan2 with yin. Spending a lil time with ur frenz is good 4 u.Hahaha. Then on sunday, Kuar shopping2 with ofi n mkn2 kt stesen kopitiam which i describe this place as so-so (x sedap, x jg x sedap).

Hav to finish all my work b4 thursday bcoz on that day i'll be going back to Sabah. I miss my home n my family.Lg satu, mengidam nk mkn ice cream. Dah suh siap2 family beli icecream. Huahuahaua...Lps bln april bole la mkn ice cream byk2 bcoz seha n me b'cdg nk beli peti sejuk - ice box.Huahauha.Seha also had remind her family not to kacau2 her april salary. Huahauhauha.

Hav applied for streamyx, but i dont know when it will be approved. Juz gonna wait. My SPC n City U are still not completed. Hope to complete it b4 the end of march. Cant wait to go work together with seha starting on 1st April. Cant wait also to go shopping2 with her on sunday mayb? When the guys play futsal. I cannot disturb my ofi from the 2nd quater of april until mid may...due to his final exam...hope he'll do fine. Support2!!!X leh kaco. Sedih2. Here is the pic when we celebrated ofi's dad bday. Stolen form his sis blog.Muahahaha (sori kak lana). I like this pic coz I look taller. Muahahha



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