Jun 4, 2008

Can't Wait - Part 1

Can't wait for our trip to sabah next week. At last..ofi is mine. hahahahah. Made some research b4 our trip..found some interesting site with pic. Can't wait to go there. But b4 that..our P.Ramlee The Musical is on 10th of June. Yup..asked for time off..hav to prepare earlier..nak pakai baju lawa2..hahahha..mengadanye dj.

All things are checked b4 the trip. Except for the transportation to kl sentral. Next post will list down all my plan for 5days n 4nite trip. Hope its not raining to ruin the plan n hope both of us are in the pink of health n fit. Below pic from these website...interesting pic..owh..one more thing, saw many kipungit waterfalls pic...mayb semua nk test shutter kt waterfall tu kot?



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