Jun 19, 2008

Free Pretzel

We went to KLCC @ lunch hour n there's a free pretzel give away at aunty's anne. Wow!!!!! We Q all the way...n guess what??I tawt they r juz giving away original pretzel, but lucky me (yeah lucky us) we got cinnamon flava. Yippie!!!My xcited...even all the ppl that r 'Q'-ing look at us..(gilo ko apo budak2 ni?) I guess la. So happy until caught the others attention. Mayb?

My City U progress:

1)Juz got the id n pass to view the cass business school induction page. The time table will be out on summer. yeah!!! (summer tu bila ye??)
2)Bz searching 4 private accomodation since these budak2 x nk dok students hall. Ntah la kenapa kn?Anyway..application 4 hall pon dah tutup. We will search houses/flat at Adlgate n Whitechapel since it is nearer n don hav to change the tube line to moorgate station. Yup, our U is near the moorgate station.
3)My med check up isnt out yet. But my arm dah lebam2. Ecah asked me if aku slalu gerak2. Yup..mmg la gerak2. Hav to hold n grab something in the komuter n bus. kang jatuh la dlm tren. Thats y i think i got the bruise. I cannot raise up my hand. Critical condition dj. Oh my!!
4)Got headache filling the mara form. Pengadil?not ur family. Hmm...i dunno who else know me better. My ttm?But he said he juz met me...x cukup 5 yrs. Ok2...need to fill up the form quickly. adoii!!!But for now...90% complete. Hahahha

c ya later guys!!



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