Jun 5, 2008


I dont submit my resignation letter yet bcoz i'm still thinking the best day to resign. Hahahahah. Started to feel sad already, eventhough I dont like my boss, but other bosses from other dept likes me. Yippie!!!!For example Puan N (prod performance) and Hj M(agency - takaful).

Proof?Juz received a sms from Puan N - "chairman like our papers. Thank you guys ;-)". Chairman is our ceo laa...i spend 7 days to finished the paper. hahahhaha..sambil2 surf..ym..thats why it take 7 days.

Hj M always teach me and invite me to his meeting, walaupon x berkaitan kdg2...hahah..but ecah said Hj M like me (sayang la konon). Disadvantage - Apa2 pon mesti dia cari aku gak. Malas...hehehehee. Naseb baek hensem..so x kisah. How I wish they are my bosses. But unfortunately nope. Huhuhuhu.



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