Jun 22, 2008

Trip to Sabah – Day 1 (12/6/2008)

Juz got the pic from ttm, so here r the update. Our flite to Sandakan @ 715 am n we arrived at 1045 am. Went for lunch at Restoran Sri Mawar II n then heading to my sweet n lovely home. Night – We went for makan2 at Ocean King Restaurant. A seafood restaurant (ppl will asked since when I eat seafood?Hahaha..i eat in sabah only bcoz the seafood r fresh). Here r the menu. Quite cheap la..6 pax for RM190. Restoran ni penah masuk majalah 3 ok!!!! Butter prawn Corn soup with crab Sayur pucuk manis masak belacan Sotong goreng tepung Ikan siakap steamed with taochu Siput (escargot maybe?) Tauhu seafood (my favorite) Plain Rice Hahaha..nyum2. Love sandakan seafood.



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