Jun 11, 2008

P. Ramlee The Musical II

Went to PRTM 2 last nite. Really njoy it. But PGLTM is better than dis (in my opinion la). TTM gave me a bouquet of flower. Yippie!!!!Wow..such a romantic guy. Heheheh. I'll be on leave tommorrow. Hav a vacation trip 5D4N @Sabah. Dunno can update dis blog or not. But I try my best (mcm la org baca sgt blog ko ni dj).

Kejap lg ada discussion wif effy n dj. Tea time date...to discuss about rent house in UK. Hahahha. So far..dpt jmpa 3 org p the same U. We r saved!!!Ramai org sng sikit survive kn?..hehehe
ok..got to go..sambung keje dulu..sok nk cuti dah. Yeahhhh!!!!!



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