Jul 9, 2008

All In My Day Life - yesterday

Wake up early in da morning, n as usual I start my day by doing the house chores (wash clothes,tidying the house,etc,etc)

After that..rest..watch astro (HBO/E!/Animax/etc) and read mag. Normally Saji, Rasa, Keluarga, Gempak n Kreko. Must watch anime:Yakitate JaPAN@11.30am ch715.

In the evening...around 5pm, i'll cook dinner. My diet has change ever since I came home. Keluarga ni x makan tgh hari. Huhuhuh. I (me n my sis) cook Tomyam n Fried Chicken. Here, I would like to share my simple tom yam recipe. Try this at home...its so easy. First of all, prepare the ingrediant:Lemon grass, Tomatoes, chicken, onion, ginger, tom yam cube maggi, tom yam paste, cabbagge, carrot, cauli flower, chillies, lime n lime kasturi leaves (erkk..dunno what it called in english).

First, u need to boil water in a pot. Then put the chicken n the ginger. 10 min after that, put the carrot n lemon grass. N then the tom yam cube n tom yam paste. After the carrot has cooked (i mean soft??) Put all the other veges. Add some salt, lime,leaves n chillies. After that..wallaaa.... a simple tomyam chicken soup. Takes only 20-30 min.

The other dinner, is the fried chicken. I know all of u know how to do this. But my special recipe, fried it with the crispy fried chicken coating mix flour. Hehehehe...



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