Jul 4, 2008

What to blog?

Being in my own home make me really2 lazy to update my blog. Why? Bcoz I'm bz playing games: Sally's Spa & Jojo's Fashion SHow. Hehehehe. I also bz doing all the house chores n also chatting wif my dear ttm. Not to forget watch keroro gunson = p

So what to blog?Should I blog about my city u?Nah..boring. Should I blog about our political scene in Malaysia rite now?About DSAI?Hmm...I think its too sensitive...or mite I say there r many govt spy in the net. Silap2...kena tahanan ISA. Huhuhuh. Blom kawin lg x nk.

Juz got back from med check up. WHich is so easy bcoz of the benefit being the daughter of the most important person in the hospital. Hehehehe. Watch where my dad works. Whoah...similar like theme hospital that i played. Luv to see the sweet nurses. SHould I become a nurse??? Pity to see the patient...so sad if they r still young but has to suffer from dread disease. Oh my! Come to think of it again...its similar with me when I'm a kid. Thank god my lung still strong until now. Hate it when ppl said that i'm breathing to loud. What to do??Hav to cont breathing to live. Heheheehe.

Miss my ofi..uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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