Jul 10, 2008

Apple Muffin

Another boring day, so i decided to make some apple muffin(sbb byk sgt epal kt umah ni). I never try it b4. Juz hoping that the recipe works. Btw I got the recipe from muffinrecipes.net. Actualy the apple recipe r not complete, but i try n error using other recipes. What we need r flour, butter, granulated sugar, apples, vanilla essence, eggs, baking powder & salt ( http://www.muffinrecipes.net/apple-muffins.html). Had to use other cups bcoz the muffin cups has been missing???? First of all u need to cream butter and sugar with the mixer until light and fluffy. Then beat eggs, add apples (cooked n mashed) and vanilla essence. After that mix with flour, salt n baking soda. Stir the mixture until the ingrediants are moistened. Grease the muffin cup or line. Spoon the batter into the cup/line. Put apple slices or cheery or walnut or chocolate rice at the top. Than cook for 15 min, 205 C or until it became light brown. And Walaaaa......it tooks 30-60 min to prepare all of it (mixer, blend the sugar to be granulated sugar, cooked n mashed the apple).



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