Jul 18, 2008

MARA-BTN 24th July - 28th July

Why?Why me?There r so many people out there but y pick me for this btn?Its too soon 4 me. Hav to book my flite ticket quickly. So anyone joining me dis 24th?Rembau N.9.

I went to the imigration to do my passport. Nasib siap cpt. Why?Bcoz my old fren (my best fren during primary school) works there. Heheheh...n I use my secret weapon...my dad. Hahahahah. But its kinda weird. Why they need my dad to sign the doc?I'm over 18 oredi. I am responsible 4 my self?Rite?I know I look like secondary school student...but my ic show im over 18...hmmm...



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