Jul 6, 2008

Game Addict!

Still remember my college life. We r addicted to mini game such as Diner Dash, Pizza Frenzy, Zuma and etc. When I came back to my house, My sis n bro...u know how they addicted to game so much...they show me new game. Hehehehe....Here is the list of game that I recommended. Say I'm a little outdated, but I know many of my fren also dunno yet about this game. Hahaha
  1. Sally's Spa - Jaga2 spa
  2. Jojo's Fashion Show
  3. Wedding Dash - be a wed planner
  4. Fitness Frenzy - Own n take care a Gym
  5. Cooking Academy
  6. The Woman's murder club - based on the hit series (tgh main kt tv2 skrg)
  7. Ranch Rush - Jaga ladang (but I still prefer Harvest Moon-nitendo)
  8. Nicole's Mommy Challenge - Jaga baby (br try nk dload)
  9. First Class Flury - Jd stewardess..heheheh
  10. Ice Cream Dee lites - own ur ice cream store

SO many game...penat nk type. Hav to go...nak sambung main game. SHould I continue playing my neopet.com?Mesti da mati, sbb da lama x buka. Ok...tata



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