Aug 21, 2008

UK Visa

I went to Mara this morning n got my affidavit. Thanx MARA, love u! Then gambled myself to wisma MCA to do my visa even though my appointmnt is on friday. Yup!!!You can submit ur visa application without the appointmnt, but u have to q la...I'm the last person at the VFS that afternoon. Hehehe, actually bcoz I arrived late..about 3pm. Wait 4 the no. n then go to the counter. The officer will ask a few Q only..n then make payment (bankers draft/CO only) in only 4 Alliance bank. After that u hav to do biometric in another room. U need to wait 4 a while b4 they called ur no again. Then, juz do the biometric n snapping picture. All the original document will hav to be handed to them (I'm so afraid..all my transcript birth certificate). Hope they will handle it with care. Hohoho.

SO, hav to wait 5 working days 4 the visa. Hopefully I can make it!DOnt hav time..sbb nak blk sabah. Oh ya!I even met new friend..her name is Amy. A cute girl..(dj is a friendly gurl sometimes). I 4got oredi where she'll be studying. But she'll be going on 12th sept too. She asked 4 my hp no...maybe wanna asked me few Q regarding the visa bcoz she's not completed it yet. Hope she got my number rite. Luv to hav new friends...the power of networking r really important these days. LIke the one talk from...i don remember his name. But he told us..let say we hav problem with the UK, n then we hav fren that working as the minister in UK, so we can call him n asked 4 help. Hahaha...crita di edit sbb lupa..this one is from theprogram jejak gemilang 2008. Hohoho.

Today's lunch at simply spice with my etiqans fren as usual. Hehehe. Will miss this great time together in the future. OK..going to bed now. Really tired after going to MCA, MARA n ETIQA. Owh..not 2 tidying ofi's bedroom after they painted the room. Gud nite all!!!



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