Aug 30, 2008

Flite Ticket!!!

Its a happy news for me. When yin inform me that my name was not in 12th or 13th sept..I started to panic. But, lucky me..thanx to MARA..actually they hav book my ticket on the 11th of sept. Even though still book...but next week I'm gonna call MARA to settle it down. After knowing that my flite is on 11th...I started panicking again (hahaha). Why?Bcoz I dont do my shopping yet!!!Oh, no!!Dont hav time..hav to go back to sabah on sunday. Hmm...maybe shopping on saturday, if ofi x bz. Hmmmm.....

Things that I must buy before going to london:
5)Do I need a new luggagge???

The problem now is...I havent yet packing for tommorrow flite to sabah. Aiyoooo!!!!!



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