Aug 17, 2008

BZ Week

B4 cite about my bz week (dis coming 18 - 22nd aug)...kita cite dlu weekend kita. Had a bz weeknd too. Saturday..had to go to dis Program Jejak Gemilang 2008. WHat freakin' me out was...hanging out with the new generation (budak2 muda 5-6 thn dr kita). X matured langsung. Its not my rite to judge them..but serious..cant stand it. Yg best..mcm biasa jumpa c manis n dpt perhatian dr VVIP n menteri (actually sbb aku kecik diorang tunjuk2 aku la..tu pon nk kecoh ke dj?). X buat apa2 sgt wif part best...main bowling wif him @ KLGCC...feeewiiiit. Mkn kt KFC n kuar mkn kt Santai. Its hard to spend some precious time wif ofi since he's very bz lately. Mid term is around the corner.

Things to do this week (18th - 22nd August)

1)Take my affidavit from MARA (maybe nk amek isnin or selasa)
2)Go to the bank - Nak kuarkn duit dr ASB (x cukup duit nk buat visa...kesian dj)
n then kena buat CO or DD lak for the visa payment (leceh2).
3)Visa appointment - Jumaat (nk buat awl kot)
4)Buying new laptop @ Low yat. Aiming for acer aspire 4520. Hope to get best price.
5)Swimming wif ofi - kena tulis siap2 ni.He promise me oredi.(I know u read my blog)
6)Shopping??X kot..kuar2 main2 dgn ofi maybe..when he's not bz

Advice - dont mess with bz ppl..u dont know who u r dealing wif.



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