Aug 25, 2008

At a Glance

Read Streets @ NST today. There's an interview with Tan Sri A. Samad Said. What caught my eyes was, they asked him if he hav his own car bcoz often to see him walking around the town. He said he used to hav one but he njoy using public transport n he hav an apartment near LRT Bangsar. Whoah!!!!Thats why I always saw him at LRT bangsar. Usually around 7.30 - 8.00 am. I tawt it wasnt him..but actually its him!!!! Hahaha...we always run into each other evry morning. Hehehe.

Hav a happy weekend. We (me n ofi) went for swim. Luckily, still remember how to swim a lil bit. Hahaha. We also watched Star Wars:The clone wars last friday. Learn how to bake brownies from my future mother in law. Infact now I'm baking one. Has to continue kak tini's work bcoz she has to go to the embassy wif ofi's mum. Hope I dont screwed it up. Hav a happy Moanday everyone.



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