Oct 1, 2009

Mystery Caller

::Lady GaGa - Nothing else I can say::

Its 4.39 in the morning. My home phone is ringing, who could it be?Is it an emergency call from the hospital?But they shud reached my parents through their hp not the fixed line. So I get up from my bed and picked up the phone. No one!!Weird!!Ok, back to sleep. Several minutes later, its ringing again and again there's no one on the line. Creepy!!! When the phone rang for the 3rd time, I ran to my parents' room and told them what had happen. "Phone tu memang gila-gila", said my mum. "Apa?orang gila yang kacau?" "Bukan-bukan, memang phone tu rosak sudah, cabut wayarnya". OOO, thats explain all. I tawt there's a ghost or maybe some one who wants to rob the house make a call 1st to ensure that there's no one in the house. Fuh!!!!Lega. Back to sleep.



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