Oct 5, 2009

Steamboat Galore

::Pixie Lott-Boys n Girls::

Yesterday we went to Sabah Hotel for the steamboat galore every sunday. Saturday seafood klu x silap?The buffet for the steamboat is really cheap!RM30 per pax. This time is my turn utk jeleskn my sister. Sbb dia slalu klu makan sedap2 dgn family dia suka bg jeles org :p

The food was perfect and I love the desserts. Yummy!!! Semua makan byk pastu terus my mum start her diet program hari ini. Heheheh!!! Pas makan, we surveyed around sabah hotel for the wedding reception. Its beautiful, ok set ofi! Our wedding will be held here. Hahahaha!!!!! I'm juz joking. Jangan heart attack plak ok. We surveyed for the reception..but not mine la. One of my family member. Guess who??You will not believe it!! Will revealed it soon! Mana ada hotel lain lg di sandakan ni utk buat wedding reception. I think this is the only one and there's one that is still under construction..Hotel Equatriol??



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