Oct 12, 2009

Ocean King Restaurant

::Marit Larsen-If a song could get me u::

One of my fav seafood restaurant in Sandakan. If u guys ever come to Sandakan, do not miss the opportunity!!!Its delicious, fresh and cheap. Cheaper than KK. U heard me rite! Pemandangan mmg lawa la. Actually its dark so u only see the beautiful lite...maybe in the morning u'll see the sea is not that clean..but i dunno la. Never went to the restaurant in the morning. On that day, we only ordered 6 menu coz there's only 4 of us. X abes makan nnt. We ordered Spicy Steamed fish (ikan siakap), special seafood tauhu, fried squid, lemon chicken, corn soup withf crab and baby kailan. Yummy!!!! Enjoy the picss...last time wif ofi we also ordered the butter prawn..yummy too!!!

The signboard

b4 the food arrived, makan kekacang n minum teh bunga dulu!


Now u see it

Now u dont...pas mkn di bg buah..hohohoho

Org dr KL pun dtg mkn sini..fuyooo!!!(sapa yg x nmpk..plat no kete kancil tu WLF6982)



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