Apr 28, 2010

Make-up Review : Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection

Ok, this is my first make-up review. Actually its not a make up la...but this is the most important product that I used before going out. Have been using it since 2003. I used it for my lipstick base or most of the time on its own. It is colourless (no colour) and its moisture the lips and protects your lips from dry out. And guess what??My tips, if you have a sore/chapped/cracked/dry lips, apply this lip balm before you going to sleep and the next morning, wallaaa!!!!your lips healed and repaired. Seriously!!!!Really recommend it. Owh ya!!!The lip balm smells like milk. The price is very affordable (hmm..last time I bought its only below RM5). One lip balm can last for 2 years (regular basis).

Disclaimer: The review is based on my personal opinion. Result may be vary on different types of skin colour, skin type and weather


juhaNIS said...

were can I buy this lip balm coz i can't found it at watson and guardian


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