Apr 29, 2010

My Dilemma

::Owl City - Vanilla Twilight::

I just received a call from uniK* to attend an interview next week. But the problem is I already got an offer from UiT*. I know its only an interview (belum lg dpt pon) but I'm still thinking whether its worth it or not to attend? I apply for jobs in march so that's why I received some invitation to attend interviews this month.

So the problem is shud I attend the interview??There's no harm and I dont sign any agreement yet but I think (or I hope) maybe uniK* offer more salary than UiT*. But the major difference between both Uni is UniK* is ipts while the other is ipta. You know you have more responsibility in ipts, you even have to do some marketing thinggy :)

But the pros if I got the offer in uniK*, its in KL. Easy for me cause I'm familiar with the city. If in UiT*, I need to start from the beginning (abaikan phrase ini..heheh). Lagi pros...bole jmpa ofi slalu. Hahahaha!!!!So?Shud I attend or not?Because If I decided to attend the interview, of course I will do my best. I'm not doing it for fun, I want to impress them...solat isthikarah x leh ok (opppsss). Will ask my parents..tp usually parents akan suh amek ipta kn?Mcm klu korang dpt keje govt or private, usually the parents will tell you to choose govt. Hihihihihi



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