May 21, 2010

Packing Progress : 70%

Okey, few days ago..I feel so lazy to start packing. Today, it almost done!But few things still hav to be pack. So here's the reminder for my self. And please remind me to read my blog this sunday so that I know what stuffs that I've listed here.Hehehe :-
  • Telekung + Sejadah
  • Make up bag
  • Belt
  • Laptop
  • All kind of chargers
  • All kind of cables
  • All kind of earphones :P
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel (hmm..I think shud buy new one..mcm beg x muat dah)
  • All of my diaries
  • Photos
  • stationery + note book
  • ok, nnt sambung...
So while I'm packing my stuffs, I realized that my baju kurung has 3 main colors only. No varieties. :( There's only blue+purple, Pink+red and green. No white, black, yellow..etc..
Aiyo..I need to hav more colors.Hohohoho. I took picture of my baju kurung, tudung and that I dont forget which cloth that I hav pack, n which one I hav'nt. Apa guna camera mahal2 kan klu tidak guna?N somemore, it makes thing easier. If you're not sure whether u hav pack the cloth or not, no need to 'punggah2' ur bag anymore and start packing again. Juz look at the pic taken..n walaa!!!U know if u hav packed it or not. So, here's some pic. Saja mo bergaya2 jd mcm penjual tudung online. Hehehehe :P

The pink+maroon+red group

The blue+purple group

The green group

The shawls

The instant hijab



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