May 18, 2010

No MooD

:: Hijau Daun - Suara ku Berharap::

Seriously, hav no mood to start my packing. Need to start early so that no important things are left behind but I am too lazy to do it :(

Btw, got a call from media prima for an interview. Not for the glamour position la but it is one of my dream to work there so I can rub my shoulders with the celebrities. Hohohoho!!And maybe, who knows??They discovered my talents (ok..ini sesi perasan). But if I think rasionally, who wants to be fame n popular?Menyusahkan sahaja kn?So, I decided I'm not going (still waiting them to call me..coz they promise to call me this evening for my confirmation).

For me, if you want to be famous n popular...juz set up a blog. Be ur own star on ur site like I did here. Hahahah!!!!!(perasannya)Okey, I'm not that popular with only 20 followers but hav this value added coz fairuz (former vocalist of Q-Face n Antz) n Ika radiusite follow my blog. hahahah!!!!Wlupon x baca selalu pn...but its an honored. Okey..enough with my craziness. I need to start packing. Mood packing sila datang.....



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