Apr 2, 2008

NiteMare & Business

Did u see a new banner at ur right? Yup...I'm joining the prepaid business. Juz for fun n making some profit. But until now...no profit yet only loss (RM55 for member fees). So anyone who want to buy maxis or celcom prepaid (RM5 pn ada!!) anytime..anywhere..juz sms me. Maybe tgh2 mlm korg tgh sms2 couple ke...tiba2 kredit abes n mls nk kuar p beli (tp mcm mn korg nk sms aku?). Juz miskol me...n I'll call u back. Hahahah..aku kn baik.

Recently had nitemare. Even last nite I dreamt about this boy being hit by a comuter. N I can see clearly the body.Fuhhhhhhh...then I always get a headache n I went to the clinic oredi but the doctor said I'm okay!!! Some of my fren said..mayb bcoz I am depressed. But I dunno?Am I depressed? Am I really got into the horrified things? Chow



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