Jan 16, 2009

Ungu feat Rossa - Tercipta untukku

Finally she found someone who is much better than the previoused one. For me, she's one of the luckiest women in this whole world! Happy for her. She can get whatever she want..sometimes I feel that this world is not fair enough...eh but cannot said like that. Sentiasa besyukur atas segala pemberian n kurniaan-Nya. "Semua ini qada' dan qadar"(ni tiru ayat memey dlm WHI..hehehe).
Even though I'm not that lucky (i.e cannot answer my final paper juz now..huhuhu) but I still hope that happiness will always be with me...so everyone..lets make me happy..ok2..juz jokin...lets be happy together...cherish this world and enjoy! In mean time dont forget to "wasatiah dalam kehidupan" and do pray for our beloved muslims all around the glob especially in Palestine.

ucapkan matahariku
ku bisik tentang hidupku
tentang ku yg tak mampu
menaklukkan waktu



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