Jan 23, 2009

I'm Back !!

::Armada - Kau pikir aku apa::

Juz finish my final xm. So relieved!!! But still stress a bit...CT1 n CT3 paper quit tough..so afraid that I'm gonna fail that paper (hope not..but still can resit the paper on august~Pheww!!)

Now..I hav time to blog..to read other blog...and to start my new project. New project???Yup, I'm thinking of doing new blog about food. All simple2 recipes(cikai2 punya) and review about any restaurant that I've been to. Yeah!!! I'm also celebrating my new year 2009 now!!Hahahaha...my new resolution????1)Start studying hard for my next sem xm...InsyaAllah. 2)Be nice to everyone especially to my family n my ofi and kurangkan x nak gaduh dgn ofi...hehehehe.

Btw, I'm off for 3 days...going to Barcelona tommorow. Yippie!!!! Throw away all the stress and relaxing my brain after a month of studying (study ke??). Dont miss me ya?Hmm..hope to get some nice shot there. From my 3000 shot..only 1 or 2 shot yg jadi..aiyo!!!See below pic. Kira lawa jg kan???Hohoho..my fav shot



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