Jan 27, 2009

Barcelona Trip

::Armada-Apa yg kau cari:: Juz got back from Barcelona,Spain. Love the city!!!The weather is juz like M'sia...yeah!!!At last..back to normal for a while. Went to the famous Sagradia Familia, Las ramblas, Port vella...and many more. So easy going around the city because they have this metroline..sort of tube,tram,overground and underground...connecting to all tourist attraction. But we r very unlucky...the famous magic fountain of monjuic did not working at that day...why???We also cannot go to Park Guell bcoz there is a landslide(da penat naik tinggi2..x de la plak). The wind was strong..I heard that 4 ppl died at the sport centre bcoz the roof collapse. SO afraid!!!But Alhamdulillah..we r save..Highly recommended if anyone wanted to go to Barcelona...juz beware of scams and pickpockets. Btw...lots of people look at us like we r some kind of alien from outer space..or maybe we r hot or maybe they mistaken us as celebrity??Hahaha..no la..maybe they feel weird why us (3 little small girl) walking around the city without our parents. Hahahaha. Lots of them asked about our age n where do we come from. Many of them guess that we r 16-18yrs and we r from pakistan or phillipines. We r Malaysian Ok!!!! Owh ya..their people does not speak english. But we still communicate with each other like we understand their languange and so do they. Hahaha..so funny....Hola..Gracias..sortida.. And another thing..the immigration asked me if I am really Miss Juanis (which their pronounce Miss Huanes)...bcoz my surname sounds spanish but I look like asian. Heheheheh..of coz its me!!!Cool...Bangga kejap. hahahaha



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