Feb 7, 2009

Shomuni a.k.a Power Office Girl

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Shomuni is one of my favourite J-drama series. My no.1 fav series..coz its very funny. I watched it 1st time when I'm in high school...on tv3. The story is about 6 ladies from the General Affair dept (GA 2 = shomuni) with their own special abilities (not so special la..but enough to make u laugh). Even though their dept is not so famous..coz actually their dept is where female employees are dumped if they mess up with something within the company. The dept job includes changing the light bulb, replace the toilet paper and organizing the company event. How sad. More sad news...their dept located at the company basement..T_T

You can watch this drama from mysoju.com but better be quick...coz this series has been withdrawn in crucnhyroll.com due to copyright issued. Got 3 season...each season with 12 episodes. The story plot for each episodes is the same...but with different issues and problem...

1. Shomuni employees do something for their own interests
2. Company runs into trouble
3. Shomuni employees save the company inadvertently
4. Shomuni employees find out that they did not get what they originally set out to do

The character:

1. Tsuboi Chinatsu - The leader of this shomuni employees, very arrogant but smart but sometimes too proud. and sometimes very funny. The most hated person by the HR dept.

2. Tsukuhara Sawako - The most trouble member..so careless. What else??Oh..secretly in love with Ukyo from the overseas business dept but til the finale season..she did not hav the gut to tell him.

3. Miyashita Kana - The most beautiful member and very soft and gracefull. Hav many scandals with the upper management (CEO, member of the board directors and etc). Always got presents and then she gave it to her friends..so nice of her...:p
4. Maruhashi Ume - The brain of GA 2. Very talented and brilliant. Can speak 15 languanges?? If I'm not mistaken. Very good in computer. She can find all the info needed for their investigation...hehehe
5. Himukai Rie - Her special ability is that she can predict the future...but sometimes a bit wrong. hahaha..thats make the story funny...The GA 2 depends on her prediction.
6. Tokunaga Azusa - the only members that already married. But still sometimes "gatal2" join the other member to find rich and handsome guy..hahaha..she's the one who arrange the GA 2 task work every day. Love to invest in stock market


1. Terasaki Torao - Head of HR dept. Always think on how to reduce the cost of the company by sacked employees and cut the employees benefit. Also always think on how to get rid of GA 2. But he also used company money for personal use....not so good!!! The enemy of GA 2

2. Sugita Misono - Head of secretary. Very pretty...the competitor of Chinatsu Tsuboi. Love to save money...not like the member of GA 2 who always enjoy and broke at the end of the month..hahahah

3. Ukyo Tomohiro - work in the overseas busieness dept...one of the brilliant worker. All people depends on him. very charismatic..and all the females employee loves him especially Tsukahara from GA 2 and Sugita from the secretary dept.
4. Inoue Koji - the chief of GA 2. Sometimes soo...kesian bcoz always left behind by the shomuni..hahahah..but still..he loves his subordinates..
5. Kamiya - Appear on season 2 and 3. A graduate students but became the company security guard in order to protect the GA 2..hahahaha...but always with GA 2 in order to save the company...but sometimes like Inoue...left behind by the ladies....

can read more about this series on
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shomuni or watch it on mysoju.com


suara da'e said...

actually i pun suka sgt dengan drama ni.. 11 years ago.. till now i still remember.. tercari2 orang yang sama minat cite ni.. and now i'd found..sometime tak nak p sekolah petang coz nak tgk cite ni... so long time ago..but i still want to watch it... arigato....


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