Feb 15, 2009

Shopping part XXV

::J-Rock - Ceria::

Yeah, its shopping time. Even though no money. Hahahaha. So today we went to debenhams and selfridge&co. We also went to body shop where I got a simple facial. Yippie!!!I like their staff treat me as a grown up customer...not like a kid. (apa igt kita x de duit??).Heheheh. End up buying some day cream n toner from body shop(aloevera). Lately buying so many stuff from body shop. Maybe coz it cheap compare in M'sia. But..i juz bought it but hav not used it. Dunno when the rite time. hahaha.

Other stuff bought today, urban eye liner..green color..luv it! Only that..due to my credit crunch after buying lots of yellow stuff last month. Will update later...



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