Feb 19, 2009

Top 5 movies in UK this week

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Its been a while since I updated my blog. Got things to do. Coursework..coursework..and coursework. Just submit 2 coursework today so there's another 2 more works to submit but its due on march. So, kita enjoy dulu!!!Hahahaha. Nothing interesting happen in my life lately, so today I juz list down the top 5 movies in UK (london) based on the london paper (a free newspaper that I got everyday). Juz something to share, sometimes (or a lot of times) Malaysian got to watch US movies first than the UK peeps. Its all because UK didnt like US movie that much. They r more into teathres and watch their own movies. (UK mementingkan filem mereka dulu baru filem luar) except if the US movies has actor/actress of UK born..than it will be a HIT. So my fellow frens in M'sia u shud be happy coz u all r so lucky to watch the movie 1st than the peeps here.Hahaha. I think Malaysian shud do like that too..mertabatkan filem Malaysia dulu br film luar. Rumours said that international muvie will be charge rm20??Itu dah melampau la plak kan? Hav u watch cerekarama?Sometimes I feel drama in TV is much more better than the movies that screen in the cinema. Jux my opinion. Anyway, congratz to les copaque that collect RM2 million in only 5days of their screening of Geng:Pengembaraan bermula Upin & Ipin. Luv this animation so much. Betul..betul..betul..

ok here goes the top 5:

1)Milk - A story about a gay politician name Harvey Milk (eeuuww)
2)Vicky Cristina Barcelona - not sure what is the story but theres Scarlett Johanson & Penelope Cruz, must be a HIT
3)Frost/Nixon - Ala2 rocky film
4)Slumdog Millionaire
5)The wrestler


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