Feb 4, 2009


::Yael Naim - New Soul::

Exactly on this date, 11 years ago...I registered into my high school. Yup the famous SMSLD. hehehe (sheeba's beday too..hepi 'birdday' my fren). Love the memories in my high school and also my schoolmates. Cherish all of them. But do u know???on that day..only 3 student registered. Where's the others?And out of 3 student..only 2 stayed. (you know how hard to survive in boarding school rite? :p ). So,theres only me n Lydia in form 1 and we had to join the form 2 classes. Its true though!!! only a week after that..more students coming in...and if I'm not mistaken, it took 2 months before theres enough student for the three classes. Dunno why smsld become not famous in my batch. Weird!!!

Fun trivia /fact of smsld from my observation:
  • No water supply until we were in form 5. The only supply is every day the water tank lorry(betul ka bahasa ni?) bring in the water. Students nowadays r very lucky!!! we hav to 'tadah' our water in a pail or basin. And theres a 'tabak air case' (tabak=curi)
  • They juz renovate the hostel when we were in form5. So unlucky of us.But we r the one who used the new bed,mattres,locker...hohoho but xsempat rasa lantai berjubin
  • They juz install the fan in our dorm when I'm in form 1. Sempat rasa x de kipas...can u imagine that??
  • Change our food tray from plastic to stainless steel tray..hohohoho
  • All the students pernah kena rotan oleh cikgu. Seriously..no one escaped from this even if u r the angel in the school. Please tell me who did not get rotan those days?These days i dunno la...
  • 'kerja amal' is the famous punishment. Who got escaped from this?? and I also hate (not hate actually,lazy!!) 'gotong royong asrama' every weekend (or is it once in 2 weeks?)
  • Cannot bring hp (but I bring my first nokia 3310..hehehe..which is RM799 at that time...so expensive...tq dad for the gift).If theres's inspection..I juz hide it in my secret place. Hahaha. Wanna know where??Simply put it in my dirty laundry in a pail and put it in the toilet. Yeah!!The dangerous/open place is the safest place rite?hohoho
  • The most famous teacher of coz..its our hostel warden. All students will meet them to get signature for 'outing' or going back home. So I think they r the winner for this title..hehehe besides our dicipline teacher.
  • Dolu-dolu we start class on 6.45am n finish at 1.45pm...and then changed to 6.15am to 1.15am. I dunno how I survived my high school years.
  • We all r too lazy to bring our glass/cup to the dining hall. so 1 glass shares with the rest of the students..sometimes drink from the 'gayung'. Adididi buruk perangai..klu mak mertua nampak confirm reject. But Alhamdulillah...present..all students (aspuri) has change a lot..becoming more ayu..awwww!!!and pretty tooo...
  • Popular things to do in school:escaped class, escaped assembly, escaped physical exercise (keluar petang=riadah), outing without permission, and many more. I did all of these except escaped class n assembly...I'm still a good student what...hehehe
  • Bcoz I'm not good in sports for the 'keluar petang', all the basketball, netball court and others sports fully booked by those who r good at those...n our P.E teachers (cikgu doraemon..hehehe..sorry) will punish who ever he saw not doing anything. So me n best friends (girl,vv, tasha) jog around the school...to be more specified..outside the school gate. What a big round??No wonder I'm getting thinner n fitt...hehehe :p. the thing is..when we go out from the school gate...feel like freedom..even though for a little while...felt like out from jail (the gate) and somemore can usha org kt basketball court...the boys court. Hohohohoho.
  • Ok,I'm not good in sports but I entered the 4 x 400m, 400m, 800m and 1200m??? okla..sometimes I got 2nd,3rd or 4th place from 4 rumah sukan. Hohohohoho ala kecoh 4 jak pn. I'm in rumah Platinum..but bcoz our rumah sukan always loose...then the teacher change the name to helium. Buang suwey katanya??Hehehe....jinx kot. But i think its work??If i'm not mistaken the last sports day we got 3rd place???cant remember la. but i dunno why there's no sport's day quit sometimes. not like the early years...weird???
  • I'm in form 1 delima, 2 delima........5 delima. Never changed class...hehehe.
  • I cant remember my form 4 stories. Why is that??? But I remember I failed all my add math paper..hehehe
  • I join nasyid n we won!!!and the judges said that my voice is not merdu but sedap di dengar. okla tu kn??even though its not a compliment.... :(
  • got bf (monkey love)..hahaha who already married...wheres his pic?Ali n usin owed me this..apasal la x nk bg???pelik tol. bkn pa pe pon...
  • we loves to play cards...the famous one...'jodoh-jodoh' (i even taught this game to my frens here in london..hohoho. theres one time when we were playing in the hostel (dorm) suddenly the warden open the door...and I quickly 'zaaasssss' put the cards under the bed...selamat!!!!
  • Not so selamat story in form 3 i guess...hmm..playing the 'mahima chaudry game'...dunno the real name of this game. but we make a lot of noise...dengar sampai bilik guru...(bilik ketua bidang??)and we got punished by cikgu chee (aisey!!!). Never play cards during school hours.
  • on sunday...all students especially the boys after prep (but it has been demolished when we r in f4 rite??) ran quickly too the canteen...to watch the dragonball series..hehehe. the tv in the hostel was not working sometimes...
  • hhmmmm....too many stories...to be continued la...hahaga

btw..got my wireless keyboard today..si I'm back in action....


Ayu said...

Haiyoo..the secret place (pail) is no secret anymore..hahahahaha....

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

i so love this entry.
i registered on 16/02/1998.

Pink Praying Mantis said...

kene celebrate anniversary ni..heheheh

da abes skolah..no need to keep the secret anymore..huahuahhua


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