Aug 16, 2009

Journey back home part I

::Lisa Hannigan & Damien Rice - Older chest::

Some of my fren started to blog about their marriage journey, parents to be journey, babies journey etc..etc. Okay, I'm a bit jealous, so I also wanted to blog bout my very own journey. Its called Journey back home. Hahahahah. Alrite, it doesnt make sense, i mean it is not the same as the other journey. Heheheh, but its my its up to me to blog anything la!!!

Okay2. 22 days before I'm home (actually 32 days b4 I came back to my home sweet home). Start packing a lil bit coz my shipping date is on 29th August. A large box, 2 medium boxes and a medium luggage. InsyaAllah. Still packing and still confuse which item to be shipped or which one to bring along with me on board. Pic of my box and my messy bedroom. Lots of empty boxes - need to get rid of it but the garbage collector only come once a week. Aiyo!!!Recycle??Hmm...will think of it. See the hamley's bag??Bought a beday present for haiqal from hamley's. Hohhohoho. I love hamley's but I think I'm old enough to be there...hav to borrow someone else kid la next time before enter. To be continued....(but there will be more pic of boxes and beg only la..what do u expect from the journey??Hahahah)



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