Aug 13, 2009

Birthday Story (again)

::Enamorada - Miranda::

Went to bodyshop to buy my day cream moisturizer as a stock in M'sia. This cream worth RM54 in malaysia (dunno the current price but this is the last year price). But here, I only paid 6pound which equal to 36pound or below. Very cheap n I have a discount member card (klu kt m'sia ssh nk dpt diskaun ni). Then the cashier said that I havent redeem my beday gift. Hahahaha!!!I'm so happy!!!So I choose the limited summer edition eye shadow. Weee...I'm so happy. Another 1 purchases before I can redeem my 10pound gift. Hmm..what should I pick this time??

Play another my heritage celebrity look a like. Its been a long time since my last visits there. Different picture, but the result is still the same. Hmm...okla tu..ada gak mcm muka artis. hehehehe.



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