Aug 4, 2009

Fly Me To the Moon (Sabah la!)

::Sugar loves cookies - kau dan aku::

Okay, I still hav 'day 10' n 'day 11' to be update but I'm totally bz rite now. Will be updated soon (ntah la bila kn?hehehe). Juz got back from MARA to book my flite ticket n insyaAllah my flite will be on the 7th of sept. Cant wait!!!!According to my plan, quarantine with yin at sek 9 about 4-5 days. Hehehe. N then off to ofie's house (hehehe..pandai2 je..x ask permission lg..hohoho) then will be back home to my lovely hometown on the 16th of sept. Okay, I know its a bit late. Actually I promised to go back with my sis Lisa but then she said her flite ticket may be on the 17th. Aiyo!!!!Ritu kata 16th. Nevermind. Dont worry mum n dad. I'll buy some table runner n tudung lawa2 kt jalan TAR (chewah..bodek nampak). Will also settle all the house chores, the biscuit raya n the raya cake after my arrival. Hohohoho.


While waiting for djasme filling her form to request our flite home ticket, i played wif this lil boy (2 yrs old maybe). He's so cute!!!! His parents went to M'sian Hall to do a passport for their new born baby gurl. Owh, so schwit!! They live in Hull ( i think the daddy working there). Okla, the actual story is.....I wanna say that I hav this 'muka keibuan' coz the boy like to play wif me or maybe bcoz I'm small n he thinks I'm his age????Waduh2

When we gave our form to En K MARA, he pointed at my file n said whats wif the cartoon??? Macam2 la u ni. Haaa?????Okay, It is my high school file n I like it so much. There's this big headed girl character...cute lil one...sapa penah sekalas dgn saya mesti tau kn??Will upload the file pic later. Quite embarrassed, do I need to change all my stuffs that has cartoon printed on it to a more lady like stuff??more feminine gitu!!! do i??? ok guys...stop giving me patung2 yg nmpk kebudak-budakan sgt. Patung2 biasa mcm teddybear should be ok. Hehehehe. :P



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